THE LIPSMAX is a Japanese rock’n roll trio band formed in autumn 2013.   Each as an experienced independent musician, 3 women gathered to be the best performing all-female band in Japan.  They appeared in Fuji Rock Festival 2014/7/27 as the closing band for the Gypsy Avalon stage, proved the audience their undeniable skills and talent to amuse the crowd.  The same day, the first CD [LIPSY!!!!] was released and it is now available at the domestic web-shop and concerts.  Wait for the world release to be announced.

Vocal and guitars, LOVE, who writes all the lyrics in THE LIPSMAX has spent her childhood in Maryland and an international school in her hometown Osaka which made her a bilingual singer with uncanny ability to switch English and Japanese.  She debuted as a solo singer-song-writer in 2007 and still is.  The youngest in the band is yet the bravest.

Bassist TOKIE –who started her carrier in New York in the early 90’s-  made her first debut as the member of RIZE in 2000.  After leaving the band in 2001, she has been a star player in Japan supporting the other artists as well her work as LOSALIOS/unkie.  Though she is fluent both in electric bass and up-right bass, we see more of the acoustic style in THE LIPSMAX.

Drummer Miyoko Yamaguchi made her first debut in the band DETROITSEVEN.  She has already experienced many world tours, as a member of Scott & Rivers band and many more Japanese artists.  Although she one of the most favored and reserved drummers in the Japanese rock music scene, her outstanding performance in THE LIPSMAX is definitely a must-see.

Gt. & Vo. LOVE

Ba. & Cho. TOKIE

Dr. & Cho. Miyoko Yamaguchi